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Lanny Joon

Baby Driver/Castle

"He has created an atmosphere in the classroom where there is absolutely no ego."

Hayley Sales

Supergirl/Cedar Cove

"Joe looks at it as child's play.  It saves you when the camera's rolling and you realize it's not about you, it's all about the person right in front of you.  It makes it that much more enjoyable."

Dylan McTee

Sweet/Vicious, Midnighters

"It's a work ethic, it's a perpetual desire to go deeper . . . this studio is a gym, a vital space for me to train."

Claire Blackwelder

Power Rangers

"He fosters enthusiasm and professionalism.  I am confident that after working with him I am far more prepared to pursue my career as an actor."

The Goetz Brothers

Scenic Route/Martyrs

"From a  directing standpoint, Joe Anthony's workshop is indispensable.  We can think of no other single resource that has helped us hone our skills.  Each time we left we felt that much more confident and connected to, not only the script, but with our ability to communicate with actors.  We learned to communicate with actors from an actor's standpoint and, more importantly, a human one."

Vanessa Lee Chester

How I Met Your Mother/The Lost World:Jurassic Park

"He's the best kept secret in LA.  Since becoming a part of Joe Anthony Studios I have noticed an evolution in myself, the authenticity of my work and my compassion for others.  Thanks to Joe the days of stressful auditions are a thing of the past."

Eric Shepherd


"The payoff is being able to separate yourself from the pack when that opportunity comes up."

Gina Hecht


"I have been cast as a recurring or series regular on 12 television shows, been a guest star on 40 others, shot an additional 3 pilots, made 15 films, worked in voice overs and starred in more plays than I can remember and the most important statistic is that I've known Joe Anthony for more than 10 years.  He is clear and concise in his approach to acting and his teaching would elevate any actor."

Thatcher Robinson

The Raking/The Toy Soldiers/Superior

"The work I see done in Joe's class is mind-blowing.  I am humbled every week by the commitment and drive of my fellow actors, whose empathy and work ethic push me day in and day out."

Catherine Kamei

Lethal Weapon/NCIS

"Practical in preparing actors for the professional world, what Joe teaches is truly profound.  And his ability to be ego-less in service of his students is remarkable."

Josh Covitt

The Mindy Project/Pretty Little Liars

"Instead of focusing on character checklists or mechanical memorization or blocking, Joe focuses on awakening your humanity and imagination.  Joe's way of working puts you, the actor, into an almost magical communion with the writer allowing for some of the purest, most un-manipulated work out there."

Melanie Lewis

Code Black/Revenge/Hawaii Five-O

"Amazing!  If you want to act in TV or Film, study with Joe Anthony.  He takes you on a journey which leads to acting that is real, grounded and effortless."

Stephanie Farugia

The Middle/#Adulting

"Joe builds amazing actors because his method and attitude make for self-starting, determined individuals and actors who 'play for the love of the game'."

Damien Haas

So Random!/Glee

"The acting I was doing in Joe's class felt natural; it was the first time I ever felt like I was having an authentic experience onstage.  His classes are about having a true, honest experience, whether you are acting onstage, in a movie or even in a Disney Channel sitcom."

Christina Nelson

How to Get Away With Murder/Ray Donovan

"He opened up the craft for me in a way that just made sense.  I'd taken other acting workshops that were focussed on very restrictive and heady techniques.  I don't live my real life according to pre-determined objectives and it never made sense to me to approach acting that way.  Joe helped me understand that acting is the art of communication;  it's the joy and terror of being alive - albeit under imaginary circumstances."

Max Mittelman

Spider-Man/The Emoji Movie

"I am forever grateful to Joe, because I am now able to call myself a working actor."

Kate Flexter

ABC 7 Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist

"He's completely modest about the impact the he has had on so many.  Joe taught me to love the song and not the singer, the questions not the answers.  He taught me to see myself in everyone."

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