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How We Work 

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In our professional industry you get 24 hours to prepare to play under the most life changing imaginary circumstances. 


Therefore, like an athlete, you must condition daily your heart and mind to be ready to jump in completely in such a short amount of time. Short cuts and technique can get the job done but the best way to change the air in a room and leave an impression on those watching is deep, authentic and necessary engagement.


You can't fake/act listening or genuine curiosity, and it's your curiosity that attracts and interests an audience and a camera. While most actors are busy 'making choices' and deciding in advance how the scene will go - the best actors are willing to be curious and stay open to the moment and allow it to take them to something discovered and authentic.  


You're either living it all the time or you're not doing it at all.  We train you to live a lifestyle of practicing empathy and story-first thinking over judgement and performance-first thinking.

The Next Steps:​

​Every student, regardless of experience, starts with a conversation at the studio [or virtually] with Joe to discuss our philosophy and your goals.  Next, is an invitation to work the CORE basics class where you will build a clear and strong foundation for ongoing training at the studio.



Condition your interest toward the story rather than yourself as an actor in order to cultivate an open heart and an active curiosity.  


Observe your story circumstances using your empathy to take them personally, and your imagination to make them real.


Reflect upon your story circumstances using your wonder to deepen the reality and gain authentic insight.


Engage those around you to participate in the conversation you need to have with them.

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