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Joe Anthony Studios

Who We Are

Joe Anthony Studios is a community of like minded artists supporting and challenging each other to get in shape and stay prepared for the demands of our industry. It's a place where you will learn to fall in love again with the entire process of getting professional acting and directing work. 


Our Founder

"Our time together will build your confidence, create in you a humility and compassion that will prepare you for professional work.  By learning to exercise empathy, imagination, curiosity and focus daily, you'll fine tune all the muscles required to both get the job and then do your job with confidence and freedom."  Joe Anthony

Before founding his studio, Joe participated in dozens of acting classes both as an actor and as a teacher.  In almost every case, he found that ultimately the space was set up to fail the student and serve the studio owner or university.  Most teachers he encountered led with their egos, leaving students to compete for their approval.  Too often, actors were being encouraged to worship the teacher, the studio, the process... and the last thing being served was THE STORY. 

Joe opened up his studio in 2002 in order to have the freedom to create and control a more ideal environment for learning and training. He started by checking his own ego at the door.  Next, he made sure to invite only those artists who would do the same - actors and directors who believe that the stories we have the opportunity to share are far more important than the accolades we may receive afterward.  By making the story the "star" - not the teacher, not the studio, not the process, not even the student - something very rare was created: a community of professional actors and directors whose empathy, imagination and curiosity allow them to create at the highest level.  

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